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Immediate Dentures Give You
a Full Smile After Tooth Extraction

We can make dentures for you before you have your teeth extracted by the dentist. The term immediate denture means it will be placed “immediately” on the gums at the time the teeth are taken out. The denture acts as a Band-Aid and the initial pressure can help form a more even bone ridge. Denture pressure also helps control any swelling and bleeding that might occur. And you can leave the office with a smile and circulate in public right away!

To fabricate an immediate denture impressions of your mouth are made of your existing teeth. Bite position measurements or try-ins may be needed as well. Your denture is then fabricated. Typically you will pick up the finished denture/s before your extraction appointment.

The dentist will place the denture in your mouth right after your teeth are removed. The initial fit of the denture may be tight or quite loose. The bite position can often be out of alignment due to the initial shape/swelling of your gums. These things will be addressed as you heal in the days and weeks to come. We can add a temporary soft layer inside your denture called a Tissue Conditioner to cushion and quickly re-fit the denture to the actual shape that is changing quickly as you heal. Multiple conditioners may be needed as the gums heal fairly quickly on the surface, but the open sockets and bone can take on average six months to fully stabilize after teeth are removed. Once healed, the temporary liner is removed and a permanent base (reline) is placed to make the denture catch up to you with a more long-term material. Tissue conditioners and relines are billed separately and only as needed.

Since the denture is often made before your teeth are removed we are often unable to try artificial teeth to see how they will look. The aesthetic look can often be improved making you look great, but we must work within the size limits of your bone and natural teeth/tissue positions. Your real teeth come straight out of the gum and are fixed in the bone. Denture teeth need a neck or ring of acrylic around them to hold them in the acrylic base as they sit on top of the gums; this means that exactly duplicating the look or position of a natural tooth may not be possible in some cases.

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