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Restore Your Smile with Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace one or more of your missing teeth. You still have some of your natural teeth remaining.

We can fill in the missing teeth with a variety of denture base connector materials to hold all of the missing teeth together as a group. To help secure the partial denture in place we can add some clasp components to the base and carefully hold on to the real teeth.

Keeping healthy teeth can provide a great amount of benefit to the stability of your denture. The bone doesn’t shrink so fast around the remaining teeth so it provides a stronger base to lean on. You also have feeling and temperature sensation in the remaining teeth which makes eating more natural. Partials can blend in beautifully with your real teeth when artistically set so people won’t even notice. They stop lips from falling into the blank areas and creating hollows and wrinkles. They also improve speech for many who have open areas where the air “whistles” through the spaces. One of the main goals of a partial is to maintain the position and health of your remaining teeth. Often when teeth are missing the remaining teeth begin to tip, twist or over erupt into the empty areas causing your bite to shift and can eventually weaken the remaining teeth. As little as two missing molars can greatly affect how efficiently you can chew your food.

Partial dentures can be made in many types of materials to suit the circumstances. We can use very strong, thin premium metal components, acrylic bases, strong nylon materials and even flexible bases.

Clasps to secure the partial can be made to be very strong from metal or blend into the remaining teeth using clear, pink nylon or a very durable tooth coloured acetal resin.

Call us at Huronia Denture Clinic to book a free consultation with the denturist to determine the appropriate type of partial to give you back that most confident smile again!

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