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Types of Dentures:
Standard vs. Precision Dentures

Standard Dentures

Standard dentures are made to function in a very basic up and down motion. Because of this, teeth can catch on each other more easily when the jaw is moving sideways. Teeth are a more generic size and arrangement with less patient input. Typically they are not as realistic looking or as hard a material in the way they are manufactured. Impression techniques are adequate and a bite position is taken. The equipment to make the industry standard plastic bases can allow a more distorted and porous denture base leading to more initial soreness and can absorb bacteria, staining and odour more easily.

Precision Dentures

Precision denture teeth are set with much more time and detail. They work with the motion of chewing up and down and the circular motion of the subtle sideways and forward movements of the jaw. This allows the upper and lower denture teeth to glide past each other with better balance and freedom, making eating, speaking, and subtly shifting your bite more comfortable and less stressful on your gums and the bone beneath. The hope is to help preserve and prevent bone loss for a good strong foundation for years to come. Precision dentures harmonize more naturally with your facial shape and the tooth stock used is of a higher quality, layered material that replicates the look of a natural tooth.

Custom impression trays and moulds are made to functionally form your denture bases. A Face Bow transfer device is used when we measure your bite position to replicate your jaw’s arc of closure on our equipment. Precision denture bases use a state of the art premium injection system. This creates a strong and very accurate denture base with no porosity and will fit you as closely as possible. There is less chance of soreness and any bacterial build up in the acrylic. The denture can stay looking new for years.

Considering you are replacing a body part in one of the busiest areas of your body, the difference in cost between a standard denture and a premium denture can be worth the extra time and effort to achieve the look and function we all desire.

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